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1. Select Hours

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 Select Your Desired Arrival Time When Booking.


If Your Time is Not Shown Then it is Not Available at That Time. You Can Contact Us With Any Questions Regarding Availability. 

All Set-Up, Events, and Clean Up Are To Be Done Within Your Rental Time.

Our Services
  • Select Your Desired Arrival Time When Booking Please watch AM and PM
    12 hr
    250 US dollars
  • Select Your Desired Start Time When Booking. Please watch AM and PM
    6 hr
    175 US dollars
  • Weekdays & Weeknights Only
    3 hr
    100 US dollars
  • Friday to Sunday Booking
    60 hr
    750 US dollars
  • 2 full days
    36 hr
    500 US dollars

Book your event or meeting select your desired hours, it will lead you to our available dates and hours. If the hours you want are not visible then they are not available. You can pay Online or can select "Pay in Person"  to pay by check or cash.  You will receive a confirmation email after booking with more information.  Booking must be paid in full, add on services will be due the day of booking or we can send you an invoice beforehand. 50% of the booking fee is the non-refundable deposit. If an event is canceled 30+ days before the booked date you will receive the other back 50% by check. If you want to view contracts before making your booking select the round "Contracts & Info" button above.